What do Slavic brides expect from their guys

Ukraine dating One of the questions a western guy inquires himself before deciding to get married with a Russian woman is what are her expectancies towards him. Here we’ll try to answer it.

Well, generally she needs you to love her at the first place. Not so hard, isn’t it? And now it’s time for another expectations. When a Russian girl comes to the marriage service she wants to meet a guy who will become her husband and with whom she will be a real wife. She needs a family and she wants to have children. If you are ready to treat your wife really good and become a man she can believe than you will get a strong family life.

A husband she dreams about is reliable and family oriented; at the same time he is sensitive and he is able to reveal his emotions. She isn’t interested in a man who will be dressed up like a real macho. What a Russian girl really expects is a husband who displays confidence and mannishness and allows her to feel secure by his side; safe to be a woman and be a life partner. She wants to know that you will be secure enough to make choices about everything in your family life at the right times.

Feeling of safety is very significant to a Russian woman. Even if she works at a full-time job her husband and children will always be of great importance for her. She will always be a woman, a mom and a house-keeper first and only after it she’ll play all other social roles. That’s why she searches for a man who can provide the family with all the stuff needed so she can not worry about it.

You should remember that your Russian and Ukrainian wife as well as any other will ask you to have time with her. She will ask for attention not to feel herself neglected. So if you prefer to spend much time working or used to to pass time at nights somewhere out with your lads be ready that you wife will feel herself neglected. She can decide that syou think about her less than about your job or you friends.

Do not show jealocy. Trust is one of the most significant constituents of a strong relationship. Your Russian girl will need some personal life and some time for herself the same as you do or she would feel trapped. This feeling almost always brings about the desire to get free.

A man has to be honest and courteous. If there is a problem a man wants to solve with his wife he should remember about this principle. Women are very sentimental and hurtable; it’s very easy to hurt their feelings. Husbands shouldn’t hesitate to tell that they are sorry if they have offended their lady.

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She expects her husband to be a gentleman. That means that she naturally expects you to open dorways before her, let her to go before you into the doorways, move out chairs and pay checks in restaurants. All these things are simple but really significant. Eastern European girls are not so feministic as western ladies. This complaisance makes them feel themselves women and as you know already, that feeling is very significant for them.

And the last but not the least. A Russian and Ukrainian girl wait you to be really rich. She just needs a reliable and caring husband. She looks for someone who she can love and who will feel the same about her too. You are wrong if you consider that Eastern European girls look for husbands abroad only to leave their own country. That’s false. They simply can’t meet serious men there. So if you meet a A Eastern European woman who you will love be sure to have a loving and devoted wife and strong relationship.