How to distinguish Reality and Myths about Russian Ladies

How to distinguish Truth and Myths about Former Soviet Union Women

Recently a lot of Western and European men have been looking for a Russian bride to marry. Favor to Russian women gave birth to some myths about them and which became wide spread throughout the world. Some of those myths were created by dating services and others appeared in Western society. In this issue we’ll try to reveal the truth hidden behind some of the Russian brides myths.

For example it’s believed that Former Soviet Union girls are bashful and meek housekeepers. In reality all people differ from each other and as many girls you date online so many various characters you see. Some ladies are more bashful and introverted, while others are extremely outgoing and communicative. A lot of Former Soviet Union ladies have highly set career plans and exciting life goals so don’t expect all FSU ladies to be complacent with the traditional housekeeper role. Sure there are Former Soviet Union brides that would prefer that lifestyle also.

The very common myth is that FSU women need just a way out of Russia. The reality is that a lot of Russian girls would be happy to find an orderly and loving guy in Russia. Yet, for some of them this is simply impossible, because of different factors. There is a huge alcohol difficulty, especially among the men. Also, due to the relatively difficult situation in the economy a lot of males can’t get decent jobs. Hence, they don’t even understand the point in making a family, because they think they won’t be able to take care of a wife and children. Sure, alcoholism plus financial situation can lead to domestic violence and abuse. Probably this is not a common situation, but one can see it really often. The brides are searching for a happy family and caring partner, not just the ticket out.

One more preconception is that the only European men seeking are elder, unattractive or thoughtless. This is totally contrary to any statistics. The common male who looks for his soul mate in Russia is typically in his middle 30’s to early 40’s. He has a successful job, with an average or above average income (commonly about 50 thousand dollars), he has his own house and a University degree. It is proportion about 50/50 between men who have been divorced and those who never married. Typically these guys could certainly find a woman in their own country, but for a variety of causes they have decided to search abroad.

Besides there is an opinion that the Former Soviet Union girls pictures are not “real” and belong to sluts, mannequin (who have had their photos used), or swindlers. Of course, anyone can post an ad, so we don’t insist this is totally false. Still, the greater part of those ads are authentic and unique. The question lies in the fact that FSU ladies really are as a general rule more beautiful than western girls. Russian ladies usually try to look really neat and attractive. They look after themselves, because in their country, this is how you feel yourself a lady and how you draw a guy. Former Soviet Union is yet a very family-oriented and conservative society.

One more myth is that FSU ladies want elder males and a big age difference does not matter. It’s false. This myth is profitable for FSU marriage agencies. Of course, they want each male to consider that he has a reasonable look-out with any woman on their service. Sure most FSU and actually majority American girls really wish a man who is a few years older. Nevertheless, most of them would accept a 10 year gap, possibly a 15 year age difference in rare cases. The greater age gap will result in possible family problems later.

Also there is a myth that it will be really difficult for Dating Odessa Women to adapt to a European way of life. Again, it’s just not true. A Former Soviet Union girl is usually very a University graduate; majority of them even know English. And if not, she could study it. The same goes for driving. She can learn how to drive before coming to the West. While you are waiting for the fiancee paperwork to work is the best period for all of the lessons.