single Russian women and career

Concerning tutoring, practically all Rusion women have or make attempts to take it. In past training was unpaid and that’s why all young ladies studied at some high schools or universities. Today there are some unpaid courses but mostly training in Russia is paid. So, today’s Rusion young women have only few opportunities for getting knowledge but they also make attempts to get high education.

Pleasant occupation for Rusion young lady

You can be sure that every young lady on our site has a work position. You are able to ask: is it great or unstable profession? Problematic to say as you understand that one and the same work position in Russia and in European cities is paid differently. For instance, a skilled doctor who is working in Russia has a very low salary; he simply keeps body and vitality together. In this moment Western doctor who is doing business for instance in USA is very well-to-do man and has a high salary. His family is well provided for wonderful living and secure future. So, if you make your mind to get married with Rusion woman, do not turn special thinking to her job, examine her personal features, inner world and some essential manners.

As for economic situation in nowadays FSU huge number of girls must work. In many ways the main wage-earner in a family is young lady. But they (young ladies) work to earn money in lost of cases but are not centered on career.

Rusion women and their attitude concerning money.

Rusion young women are very frugal concerning money. When going shopping single Slavic women generally buy only those items that are really needed in the household, or what they really require. They do not spend completely all money on useless things because they understand how difficult this money is receivred. Perhaps at the first meeting a foreign man can think that his Rusion woman is wasting too much money, she will want to go to a nice restaurant, to have a worthy gift (all girls like gifts), to attend a beautiful disco-bar, etc. All funs cost money, but it’s just the first opinion. Rusion women generally believe if a man does not want to take care in small points he will not be cautious of her in the future.