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Use the Weaknesses of Russian Women

For sure, one doesn’t need to play on women’s weaknesses, but it is a great thing to use the femininity of women in reasonable measures to get success. Every woman of every nationality has her own weaknesses. Below you will find the most common weaknesses of Russian women.

Sweets: One of the women weaknesses is chocolates and sweets. So, when you plan to visit her, bring her a box of chocolates, marmalades, or cake. You have chances if she shares the cake with you. 😉

Toys: Big and small, fluffy and not very – all of them bring joy to Russian women. This can be a stylish small toy accessory for the cell phone, etc. These gifts for any reason, not only her birthday or any other celebration show you have a remarkable sense of sensitivity, focus and romance.

Talks on the phone: It is not a secret that nearly all Russian women like chatting on the phone for hours about anything in the world. They can talk too much about everything and nothing substantive at the same time.

Flowers: Women like receiving flowers on occasion and simply just because… this can be a one-stem flower, or bouquet, a luxurious or a modest one, it really doesn’t matter. It is a sign of your attention and women appreciate this.

Jewelry: Women all over the world like jewelry and Russian women are not the exception. Remember that the best friends of ladies are diamonds…

Curiosity: Russian women are very curious by nature. She is interested what you think about her, what are the opinions of your friends, family etc. Try to remain mysterious and stick to golden mean; don’t be very open or too mysterious as Russian lady will lose her interest this way. Satisfy her curiosity in portions.

Compliments and good words in her address: All women like to be flattered by receiving compliments and nice words in their address. This gives them sense of joy, tenderness and comfort.

Shopping: All women like it, and it is the best women’s psychological therapy. Invite your lady for a shopping and you will see the results. 😉