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About dating real singles in Russia
Top sites and apps for dating real singles
Real women from Russia and relationships date advice
How to succeed in dating real singles?
Questions and answers
What are good first date questions?
What are good questions to ask a real single girl from Russia?
How to treat your real Russian lover
How to prepare for your trip to Russia
Success stories of real singles from Russia

About dating real singles in Russia

Eastern European dating and hookups have always been popular among western men. Russian women are beautiful, classically feminine, very caring. But how to make sure they are genuine?
Real singles are giving us many signs they’re real. They include casual photos into their profiles, share simple daily details about themselves, ask a man natural questions full of sincere interest.

If a girl looks like a model, even the most provocative one, it doesn’t mean she minds her profit only. There are many modern single girls in Russia who are self-efficient and hard-working.
It’s a good sign indeed if a hot girl asks you questions about her possible job and other opportunities in your city. It means she isn’t going to be a sugar baby or a trophy wife, she’ll put efforts.

Real singles in Russia can tell about their parents and other family members in detail, without being focused on negative aspects of their health or asking for money. They just share the info friendly.
Finally, a genuine person is free for chatting on evenings or weekends since she doesn’t spend her spare time with local admirers, she is single indeed. Always pay your attention when you choose.

Top sites and apps for dating real singles

#1 Russian-women-dating

Russian women dating is a modern and legit site with great features and possibilities. It offers a big number of verified profiles so all beautiful girls are real and serious-minded.
Model-looking young students, workers, single moms, all categories of Russian brides and lovers are waiting for their match from the west. Chatting online will make your search quick & efficient.

#2 Womenukraine

Women ukraine
Women ukraine is a high-quality platform for meeting a hot Ukrainian girl, single and genuine. Ukrainian girls are spicier than Russian blondes, they are very exotic and sensual.
Women from Ukraine are known in the word as honest hard-workers and home caretakers. They are tall, feminine, sexy, with great family values and strong desires, skilled and graceful.

#3 Loveme

Love me

Love me is another helpful site where one can find well-checked profiles of most gorgeous Russian women. Tender and classy, educated and elegant, they are extremely desirable.
Eastern Europe is full of beautiful ladies who are underestimated by their local men. They have a great potential as wives or lovers, but most importantly, they are real singles for dating.

Real women from Russia and relationships date advice

Dating on a distance is never easy, especially with a Russian girl who is too sexy to keep her far, and who lives across the ocean. Luckily, there are many ways not to stay together most of the time.
Video chats are a good solution, but obviously not efficient. However, taking a real Russian girl to your country erases all barriers. Girls adapt well, work hard, and improve their language skills.

Not keen on going through all the process with the visa, tickets, providing a part of her needs? Then choose travelling together. Very often, it’s less costly than helping a girl to relocate.
Moreover, dating a Ukrainian lady and traveling together are even cheaper for you. Because Ukraine is becoming a part of EU, no visa needed for Ukrainian citizens, and there are lowcost tickets.

Real women from Russia

It also makes sense to date real single Russian girls who already live in your country. There are many, if you use good reliable applications and search thoroughly. Such girls are adapted and independent.
Dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman is always amusing, fun, delightful, challenging, and highly satisfying. They are the sexiest girls on Earth, easy to maintain, very loving and caring.

How to succeed in dating real singles?

Lots of men don’t even start to date internationally, fearing it’s too complicated or time-taking. But it’s easy and joyful, if not to make typical mistakes inexperienced daters may cause.
If a girl from Russia has already shown to you she is a real person and her intentions are serious, keep on expressing your appreciation. When you hunt on other girls instead, she feels that and stops writing.

Successful daters know how to show to each beautiful woman she matters the most, and she’s special. With such an attitude, he will conquer hearts or real single girls, instead of loosing chances.
There are no limits to perfection, once you got focused on one sexy girl, you suddenly think other girls are even younger, prettier, more sportive, better provided, have American visa already.

But a real person is someone who waits for your calls and messages, asks you about your well-being, sends you new photos often, plans your visits and trips with zest and eagerness.
Mutual efforts are key ingredients for any relationship, including real singles dating. Since Russian women are in general very committed, they expect the same in return and love you more.

Questions and answers

How do I know a girl isn’t a scammer?
You can be sure if she chats for a long time without mentioning the money.

How to know if she uses her own photos?
Always ask for fresh selfies and daily video chats.

If a girl is real will she visit me?
Some real girls are still afraid to travel to strangers, gain her trust first.

Will the real girl pay the bill?
Russian and especially Ukrainian women are often short in money.

Will the real girl have sex with me on the 1st date?
Decent Russian girls are classy and won’t make love so soon.

Will the real girl hold hands with me in public?
Yes, if you had a long correspondence and there’s chemistry, she will.

Should I meet a real girl’s parents?
It’s appropriate only if you already made serious decisions together.

Would a real girl arrive to the date with her buddy?
Yes, sometimes real girls do this in order to protect themselves.

What are good first date questions?

• What is your most favorite occupation?
• What is your dream work like?
• Which pet name do you like to be called?
• In which areas do you like to be a leader?
• Do you enjoy making a house a home?
• What do you consider the most romantic?
• What would be your first things to do in the unknown country?
• Do you like learning and trying new things?
• How do you solve the conflicts, if any?
• Are you a listener or a talker type?

What are good questions to ask a real single girl from Russia?

• Why do you want to relocate?
• Are you an avid traveler and why?
• Do you manage the travel budget well?
• What is your most precious experience in Russia?
• Do you get homesick easily?
• Do your parents approve international dating?
• Do you have friends who moved abroad?
• What is most important for you in a man?
• Are you a giving person and how do you express that?
• Are you very compromising and how exactly?

girl from Russia

How to treat your real Russian lover

Russian women are passionate and open about sex, just one should take into account their Slavic culture and patriarchal society which are a bit restricting. Also, most of Russian girls are Orthodox.
So it all depends whether you want a home girl with strong principles or a sexy lover with much allowance. When you decide for sure what you prefer, you can build your best strategy for that.

If you want an innocent girl, who’ll be the most devoted and humble, search within several categories: girls from big Christian families; Russian – Armenian girls; Russian – Tatar girls.
These three categories absolutely provide you with non-spoiled and beautiful girls with the highest moral principles and traditional values. Dating experts guarantee that to beginners.

But if you want an open-minded and wild lover in Russia or Ukraine without any taboos, your strategies would be different. Choose women online who present themselves brightly and bravely.
If you want your wild sexy lover to be decent and qualitative, nonetheless, make sure a real girl from Russia is well-educated. So she is sex-positive because her intellectual horizons are broadened.

real Russian lover

The best is to hookup real women who are yoga teachers, fitness instructors, professional coaches, since they are self-confident, imaginative, and express their sensuality freely.
Some of them may even teach other women how to be multi-orgasmic, how to keep sexually fit, how to experiment with their partner, and stuff like that. Thus, you will date a real goddess of love!

How to prepare for your trip to Russia

Just a decade ago, romantic tours to Eastern Europe were extremely popular, and frequently organized. But modern men don’t want any intermediaries between them and a real girl.
Such tours discredited themselves for being too commercial, so it makes sense to set up a real date with a girl in person. You can start each communication from this question, and plan things together.

Among basic warnings, we would say the climate in Russia can be pretty severe in winter and changeable in summer. Take all types of clothes with you, don’t forget the umbrella and sportive shoes.
Better do not ask your real Russian girl to host you in her house. It may be a bit too forward, if you don’t like each other in person or if she has too conservative relatives over there.

Sexy girls from Russia

Yet, renting a small cozy apartment is more preferable than a hotel. It’s cheaper, authentic, intimate, and there is always the kitchen where you two can cook for each other out of local products.
And the most important, take it easy. Sexy girls don’t like men who aren’t confident about themselves. Breath in, breath out, and you’re a superman. Enjoy your trip to Russia to the fullest!

Success stories of real singles from Russia

“I met Douglas when I was 20, but we spent two years on organizing things and making papers. We were choosing between arranging a work visa for me or a fiancée visa, but decided to get married.
The wedding was modest and our budget was minimal, but once I moved to the US I started to work as a waiter at a decent place. When I polished my language skills, I became office manager. Step by step, we bought a small house and we’re very happy in it. We’re travelling as much as we can, but mostly I take care of the garden and our two dogs at my spare time which is awesome”.

“When we first met with David, we both were divorced and had our negative experience. But we manage to overcome it and get very close emotionally. It took us three months to start trusting. I moved to the US at ease since I was travelling there for work before. Also my aunt lives there. So my adaptation was very quick and I learned new things without any stress or worries.
We are a very good couple, we’re best lovers, best friends, and best confidents to each other. If we didn’t take a chance at that time, we would still remain lonely and underestimated”.

singles from Russia

“My mother used to say that I am too young for Trevor, only 18 years old. But two of my schoolmates already had children at that age, while our partnership was light and stress-free.
Trevor had a business he couldn’t leave very often, so I was waiting each visit for months. During his vacations, we had marvelous trips together, modest yet fun and joyful.
Now I am finally in the US with my beloved, and I can say everything happens at the right moment. I am more mature now, and can help my man in his everyday activities with love and care”.