Rusian girls are searching for a partner

It is widely known reality that beautiful Rusian girls, who are searching for a partner, are very large romantic women. They are looking for their king and if they cannot see and connect him in their own state will initiate to look for him in the European states. They are looking for a king who can make their dreams come true; who will admire them to the last moment of their life; define her a princess and sometimes will make for her a “champagne jacuzzi”. If you start laughing after you read the last phrase, don’t. It is not a fun. What is recorded in the preceding paragraph is a very truth-telling info of the wishes most Russian ladies have who are seeking for their European king. These Russian young ladies are not the only fantasizes who are not overlooking actuality. Why? Because majority of European guys seek ladies who wish to stay at home. A woman who will be very attentive of her spouse and kids. European guys are sick and tired of the feminism campaign and the self-determination of women from their own state and are trying to find stillness for their body in the arms of a Russian “family wanted” girl. Who will also be interested in him. Would you like if someone be bothered of you: making a good dinner for you, makes tea or a cup of coffee for you, who know that you are tired and you wish to be alone for a couple of moments? Who would not upset you when you are working, who does not give questions to you for incorrect things? Who loves you and gives you a a lot of kisses when you come back home? Cost of life is enlarging and becomes more and more high-priced. Good time when a simple family could live off only the man’s salary is gone forever! A great number of ladies are obliged to work to help making good income. Raising a question:
Do all boys that are seeking for a cute Russian bride, have an income greater than the average married European man, who can scarcely earn money, when nearby there is a working wife or, are these guys simply big fantasizes?
Do these boys dream about the nice family with food on the table each night, made by his Slavonic wife-housecleaner?
Do they have a money base that gives opportunity to them to create a family with purely his salary or, are they dreamers without any connection to actual life?
It is a troublesome world to live in without dreams but when we are telling about relocating a young lady from another state then at the minimum one of the partners has to be pragmatic and reasonable person. As a matter of choice, her future husband.