Dating tips how to write to ukrainian girl

I desire to give you some pieces of advice on creating a good and magnetic first message that certainly gets a great number of answers from various good-looking Russian girls.

Let’s start from the simple first note. It must be full of information and curious at the same time. I can say all the messages I sent I always have got a good response (over 80% or more). I mentioned a full sheet that principally gave them laconic information about me, my upbringing, wishes and expectations and some personal information. But do not make the following:

But NEVER express bad information about yourself: your objections, obstacles, worriment in life, etc. All men have difficulties, but don’t begin your message with such bad facts. Be enthusiastic and optimistic, each girl desires to meet a athletic, forceful boy who can be cautious with her in future, but not a weak and unenthusiastic person.

. Never write anything you are not able to enlarge or transfer. Lots of Russian or ukrainian girls will hold your message if they want to pursue knowing you better. Ladies will ask about something you mentioned ten messages ago to ensure whether you are true.

Never use colloquialisms. Mention simple plain sentences. Fine interpretation is important.

One more point that are required special notice is your work. Generally boys make efforts to characterize his business very detailed and give an impression of successful businessman. They wish to depict how rich they are, how many money they have and etc. It’s not necessary when you are printing your message. All that your smart lady wants to know about your business situation is your ability to finance your future family.

Be polite do not deliver your photograph in company of colleges, at the disco-bar or any young ladies around. First fine thought can be made once only. Never talk about “Russian” difficulties. Its irrespective what you suppose or are informed of Russia or Ukraine you couldn’t understand it or find out like Slavonic or Ukrainians do.