Chicago nightlife and night game with the minimal effort

If you’re new in Chicago, you must know some basic rules for the night game there. You probably know it’s one of the most expensive cities in the west, so forget about elite clubs.

Luckily, there are tons of the four-star clubs and pubs in Chicago filled with gorgeous sexy girls. One just needs to pay attention and pick the safest options for his own sake and pleasure.

Stripper clubs

Do not get attached to these ones, they’ll suck your money and energy. Hookup apps offers great dating app. You don’t want the hot chicks to like you just for your wallet anyway, so lean towards the more genuine fun spots.

Jazz clubs

Yes and yes, it’s the best option for someone born before the 2000s. Although there are some escorts as well, the jazz clubs are filled with decent girls who honestly want to get laid tonight.

Cheap bars

If you can, keep away from these, unless you’re in a company of muscular friends and you’ve got a pepper spray with you. Although best bars in Chicago are costly, cheap ones aren’t good for sex.