Be happy with cute Ukrainian young lady

So, you’ve made a marriage proposal to a perfect Slavonic young lady. My congratulations! But it exists a tiny nuance: your future wife has a son or daughter or even two. In this circumstances you must be very kind not only to your wonderful lady, but also to her kid too. Beforehand you require another bunch of paper for your letters and secondly you must give two times much more questions: one question for your future wife and another for her dear kid. Be very gentle, ask your lady about her children’s prefered matters and games. I’m sure your lady will be very pleased by the thing that you are not heartless to her children from previous unit. Actually kids are very perfect and sympathetic little people; they are roses of our life. As for me I consider a son or daughter couldn’t be a problem for your wed living with a perfect Slavonic lady. By the way children certainly adapt to a new lifestyle or different language much quicker than their mothers. So, you can be assured that you’ll easily become real friends with your woman’s child. And also Russian children used to help their mums and daddies about the home: they do washing, sweeping the floors, clear their rooms and so on. It occurs so because of bad economical position in FSU states where both mum and dad are working the whole day and are usually out of the place; that’s why their kids are so industrious. This time we have considered a family when there is no dad. If there is a good husband, spouses choose to reside apart parents like a sole family. Though family traditions are steady still and the entire family celebrates birthdays or some other saint’s days all together. There is an essential contrast between Western and Slavonic family. As you possibly are aware American children leave parent’s house and live their personal life at age 18. When comparing with Russian families where kids at the same age and even elder live with their mums and dads. Thus when you hear from a girl dwelling with mother do not be confused. So, I wish you good luck and hope you’ll be very joyous with your smart Slavonic wife and her beautiful kid (children)!