Why western life seems to be so appealing

Contemporary Russian women still trust in tales, they are waiting for unbelievably noble, handsome and kind-hearted prince, who will arrive for them, from other end of the world. Unfortunately the real life is completely different. Western men who are eager to meet Russian brides are often pretty old. Many of them wasted whole living laboring and earning as many funds as they could. When they look around and observe all their pals wedded and having gorgeous children, they understand that their lives are blank. Evidently they won’t cope to meet a loving spouse in their own country, because they are rather aged and their exterior is not so good. That is why they locate a perfect solution – they go to Russia and women. Western guys want to run into tender and caring, youthful and beautiful spouse with modest demands. They aren’t eager to make romantic suppers or go about the state. They want calm and cosy living.

Various sorts of foreigners who are wanting to date Russian brides are the following: first of all these are individuals, who didn’t manage to tie a knot on time, because they were extremely busy with their job. They wish to locate youthful kind-hearted and loving women, who will be eager to bear his child and be their housemaids in the end of his days. Another kind is those who were living with mummies till the gray hair, and anxious mothers started to look for humble and unspoiled lady in Russia. Next kind is those who merely visit Russia for intercourse. These men are assured that Russian brides from Novosibirsk desperately wish to wed a westerner. They select amid great number of girls, select one and spent time with her. Then they disappear on the next day and the poor woman hear at least something about her “American husband”.

Surely, one cannot criticize all the Western men who want to meet Russian girls. There are plenty of cases when such marriages ended up extremely happy, when man and wife saw what they were looking for head over heels. Nonetheless, danger shouldn’t be underestimated. In case a western guy gives you visa and invitation to America after a short period of knowing each other – you have to be worried, because something is evidently wrong. It would be great if all Russian ladies who want to marry outlander found their passion and happiness, but they must be extremely attentive, not to be caught in a trap.