What disparity between years is tolerable for Russian girls?

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Many westerners dream about marrying a Russian or Urkainian lady. When it gets to the point some of these men would like to know: what disproportion in age is o. K. For a Russian woman? Is it possible to find a woman who will be 8, 9, 11, 14 and even 19 years younger than a groom? Westerners know that such an disparity in years is almost impractical in the USA. That’s why they get so surprised getting correspondence from young girls 12-16 years younger than they are. Likewise they are astonished that these women are good professionals (managers, attorneys, doctors, accountants). Yes, this is possible and it happens in Russia. Women are beautiful and smart there. And they grow wise earlier than western women. Possibly it occurs because of hard life-conditions, girls have to grow wise early. Besides a woman feels herself safe near an older man.

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But you should be realist. Please, do not hope that if you are 50 or 60 years old you can easily get a 20 years old girl who would agree to become your wife. But you have good chance with ladies of 30 or 40 years of age. They are not so hypercritical and by the way ladies of that age are main clients of marriage sevices. Of course there are exclusion. For example if you are as reach as Bill Gates or as adorable as Bradd Pitt you can find a bride even 20 or 25 years younger than you are. But do not forget, that this happens very seldom.

Do not believe unfair agent of dating services who will to you that many dream about older men. That’s not true. And after all – that’s just a myth, a story for credulous clients. If you wish to make a real commitment you can’t ignore age gap. Actually many girls are good with men who are 8-14 years older than they are, really seldom the disparity in years may be up to 18 years. But do not make it more than 20 years or you surely will have problems with you young wife in family life. If you manage to get her at all. Statistics shows that such families as a rule last about two years. russian dating scammers.

One more thing is that reasonable age difference for Russian women gets higher with years. The more foreign men seek brides in Eastern Europe, the better alternative women have, the bigger their requests get. Young girls are less worried about difference in age than older ones: a lady of 20 years old is usuallly interested in men up to 45, whilst a lady of 40 years old can limit her searching to men under 54. Thus, if you are 48, a girl of 28 years old may consider you a good candidate and a girl of 35 may decide you are too old.

The point is, ladies in Easstern Europe wish to have family and children really badly, and this is the main reason pushing them to search for men everywhere, since in Easstern Europefemale are 12% more than men.

In Eastern Europe any unmarried girl who is older than 23 years old is called an “old maid”. That’s the reason why so many young girls want to begin family-life as soon as possible. They want to evade the shame. At 27 a woman gets the biggest press on herself about starting family-life and afterwards her parents and acquaintances begin to think that she will never marry. As you can understand a woman under 27 has a stronger wish to get married than later. After 29 a woman is composed, she have society pressure anymore and she can focus on her own desires and goals. Only finding a partner is not the main idea any more.

A western man should remember that in reality there are a very few women who really wish a much older man. Maybe it seems like it and there are some causes why you might think so: – She simply did not specify age of her probable partner in her application. – She is searching for a rich man and thinks that there are more rich men among older clients. – She decided that the age is not so important cause she didn’t think about it much. – She was told in marriage agency that it will be much simpler for her to find an older guy. . You always have a chance to meet a beautiful woman 10 or 15 years younger than you are. Just remember to be realistic.

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