Russian ladies expectations

The wish of every hot Russian mistress is to meet a captain for her future wed life. She desires to meet a handsome, gifted, nice young man like in fairy tales whom she can confide her love and sensual heart. Every young lady needs adoration and love; she wants to get married a man who will love her to death, who will make all her wishes come true, who will define her a queen and sometimes organize a “full of red rose petals bathing” for her. Don’t laugh here. I am speaking you a certain truth; a typical Slavonic woman always desires about such a pleasure received from her western boy-friend. These Slavonic young women are not the only fantasizers who are not overlooking actuality. Why? Because lots of western guys seek young ladies who are willing to stay at home. A young lady who will be very attentive of her partner and children. Western guys are tired of the feminism campaign and the freedom of women from their own country and are making any effort to find rest for their soul in the arms of a Russian “family tuned” young lady. Who will also be interested in him. Would you mind if someone take care of you: preparing a tasty supper for you, prepares juice or a cup of coffee for you, who is aware that you are exhausted and you want to be isolated for a couple of seconds? Who would not trouble you when you are working, who does not ask you for untrue things? Who hugs you and gives you a kiss when you come back home? Cost of life is enlarging and becomes more and more expensive. Good time when an ordinary could enjoy living only the man’s salary is gone forever! Lots of ladies are obliged to work to assist earning money. Raising a question:
Do all boys that are searching for a cute Russian bride, have an income greater than the general married European man, who can only earn money, when nearby there is a working wife or, are these guys simply big dreamers?
Do these guys dream about the nice family with food on the table each night, made by his Slavonic wife-housecleaner?
Do they own a budgeting base that allows them to build a family with just his income or, are they fantasizers without any link to reality?
So, decide what direction is more satisfactory for you. Do you wish your fianc? E to work and earn living? Or do you want to see your beloved woman looking after your place? And you will earn salary for the total family in answer. But in any way, be sincere and always tell true to your beloved woman. She will certainly feel if you are lying as she has a exciting and loving heart.