Modest Wedding Dresses

Modest Wedding DressesMost of the wedding gowns these days are either backless or sleeveless. Its not too show some skin or because it is too hot to wear. It’s just a fashion trend but given that getting married in a church is a solemn affair unlike going to a night club, there are those who consider wearing a modest wedding dress instead.

What is a modest wedding dress? By definition, it is something you can wear that is neither short nor strapless. This means you don’t see the back, the legs or the shoulders.

Does this means that what you are wearing a shapeless outfit? Certainly not, because there are styles available that are well fitted that will still show your natural beauty.

So, where should you look for a modest wedding dress? The best place these days to find a modest wedding dress is the web. This is because a few designers have decided to set up their own websites in order to reach the target market. Three examples of these are, and

They have wedding dresses not only for the bride but the bridesmaids as well. You can also check out their collections for a day dress, a prom or a semi formal affair and looking at the pictures and finding something you like, you just have to pick the right size and then add this to the basket so this can be shipped and delivered in a few days.

If you are not sure about the quality of the modest wedding dresses that the online retailer is selling, see if there are testimonials from previous buyers. If ever the site was referred to you by a friend, it has to count for something.

You should know right now that most modest wedding dresses fetch from $300 to $1,000. If this is way beyond your budget, look inside your closet and then with a little magic, turn one of your outfits into a modest wedding dress. Naturally, there will be some alternations that the seamstress can do at a reasonable price. Two areas that you can request the seamstress to do are to either add longer sleeves or to raise the neckline.

The cheaper way of doing it is to do the alteration yourself but that is only if you know how to sew. But if you think that altering your dress isn’t practical then the other alternative will be to cover up your shoulder with a shawl. This is made from various materials like satin or silk which looks very fashionable.

The last option is to create your own. This is because you can save a great deal of money instead of buying it from a store. You can get ideas by looking at the designs featured in the online stores or by browsing at some magazines. If you are not that skillful, just buy the fabric and have someone else do it. 

It isn’t everyday that you walk down the aisle, say your vows and live the rest of your life with that special someone as husband and wife. If you want to look elegant on that special day, go and get a modest wedding dress. Go online, make it yourself or do some alternations. In the end, that is your prerogative.