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How to hook up with multiple women on ElenasModels dating app

Because my life didn’t please me, I created my life. Previously, I was a loner without women in my life. But now I’m surrounded by hot women that I’ve met on ElenasModels dating app. Here’s how I did it:

  • I removed fear of rejection. Let’s be honest – nobody likes rejection. But there is a fundamental difference between being rejected in person and being rejected online. If you are rejected by a hot woman standing in front of you, you feel more awkward and self-conscious. However, if you are rejected by a pretty girl online, you don’t really care! That’s how I got rid of fear of rejection – joining a trusted dating app. Frankly, I don’t really care what others are thinking of me most of the time anyway because everyone is just thinking about themselves and their own problems – who has the time to judge me? For instance, when my dad told me not to date sugar mommas because if people at my workplace find it out, that would ruin my reputation. But I genuinely don’t care what those people are thinking about me in this regard – they wouldn’t give me a promotion anyway because they don’t even give me enough work (I’ve been a part-time employee for five years), so why should I care if they know I’m a toy boy or not? That’s why I was dating a sugar momma for two years and figured out my finances and investment because of her help! Anyway, now she is married to a high-profile businessman in order to grow her business (which is understandable), I’ve stopped seeing that cougar.
  • Hooking up with multiple women is an art form. After leaving my cougar, I began to date multiple women because I’m not monogamous. The fastest way to hook up with multiple women is to meet a large number of pretty ladies on ElenasModels dating app – that’s my real experience. I usually send 20 messages to 20 beautiful women online every day, and I normally receive at least 10 responses because I’m a handsome guy. My dating profile on ElenasModels dating app is outstanding as I hired a dating coach to help me create that profile. Also, I hired a professional photographer to take my profile photo so that I look absolutely hot online. My online presence is really excellent on ElenasModels. That’s why my dating profile gets a lot of views every single day. In other words, many pretty girls contact me first. In this way, I generally meet 5-7 gorgeous girls for coffee dates every week. To be frank, not every date goes well and I see it as statistics; therefore, I usually convert 2-4 hot ladies into my lovers each week. Actually, if you look at this number, it’s a much bigger number than most guys’ reality. Yes, hooking up with multiple girls is a numbers’ game as well.
  • I never lie to my beautiful girls.The western dating culture is fantastic – it gives us the freedom to see multiple people at the same time before we commit. I am not a fan of commitment because I don’t like responsibilities, so I prefer staying in the dating situation for as long as I can. Anyway, I’m only 31 years old and I still have lots of time to figure out my life; thus, I think now is the right time to keep dating multiple ladies and make my life more exciting, interesting and colorful. I’m proud to say that I never lie to my pretty girls because I’m a very honest, decent and good man. I hate lies because if I tell one lie, I’ll have to tell one hundred other lies to cover it up. And I hate that feeling! Worse still, telling a lie means I have to remember the freaking lie. In contrast, telling the truth means I don’t have to have an extraordinarily good memory – the truth is always easier to remember. I usually let all my girlfriends know that I’m actually seeing other people at the same time, but I don’t directly talk about this deliberately. They just know I’m not in a committed relationship with them – it’s pretty obvious: I only see each hot girl once a week and I don’t contact her every day – that already means I’m not in a serious relationship with anyone and they all know it. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that these hot women are probably also seeing other guys as well because they are huge fans of Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones.
  • Why so many pretty ladies want to date me: Like I mentioned previously, I don’t even have a full-time job because I work in the least promising industry (in the United States, I teach English to international students and the student number is very low in my organization these days & I’m not a native speaker of English, so my boss doesn’t want to give me a lot of work anyway). However, I’ve figured out my life and my career through my ex-sugar momma who taught me investing and entrepreneurship. By the way, people from my work never met my sugar momma partly because I rarely go out with my co-workers socially, and partly because my co-workers never go to fancy places that my cougar took me to anyway. Although I don’t have a full-time job, I do have a very profitable business and some very lucrative investments – all of these have happened because of my ex-cougar. She taught me so many things and gave me all the right connections. She is a real mentor. As a result, my side hustle brings more revenue than my part-time job. Therefore, I am actually more successful than my co-workers – they just don’t know it. Frankly, my annual income is higher than my boss’s annual income because of my side hustle and investment. Hence, I’m a rich man that gorgeous women want. As these gorgeous girls can see that I’m a successful man, they want to date me, no matter I marry them or not. Mr. Big didn’t marry Carrie Bradshaw until ten years later – they met each other in Season 1 of that TV show. Why does Carrie want to date Mr. Big who couldn’t even commit to her? Well, I think that’s because Mr. Big is the richest man that Carrie can find! The answer is pretty simple.
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To conclude, hooking up with multiple ladies isn’t hard, as long as you look reasonably attractive and have a relatively high income. This kind of things aren’t hard to achieve. You just need to consult with a personal stylist and learn how to make good money. Then you can work on your conversation skills and charm. Most importantly, you would be well-advised to join a reliable dating app and actually meet stunning ladies as soon as possible because your time is your most valuable asset. You don’t want to live in loneliness for another year, do you? So, it’s time to create a plan for yourself so that you can figure out your life soon. You can thank me later! You are welcome.