Fine family life and charming advices

Deliver a love card without any words to her personal address or deliver it by post. These two ways are welcome.

Transmit a fine bouquet of roses to your sweet lady without any grounds. Do it as many times as you can, she will be surprised.

Leave lots of large rose petals on her bedclothes. You’ll see what a brilliant night you’ll spend together.

Whisper a great deal of passionate words in her ear when people are watching at you. Say your treasured girl how wonderful she is.

Say her one little secret from your childhood. Express it as something very important for you and say that from this moment it will be your joint secret. Turn her concentration to the matter that she is the only human who knows this secret and to whom you may trust.

Look uninterruptedly into the eyes of your beloved and turn more attention to what she speaks to you!

Form a catalogue of your passionate dreams and write day-to-day your desires and fancies.

When visiting someone? S marriage ceremony, speak softly in your woman’s ear among the ceremony: “What could I do over, I’d get married you once more. ”

Deliver a amorous letter through mail. Your passion definitely cannot wait.

When eating a dinner, give each other everything: your meals and sweets and knives – feed one another.

Buy and put a brilliant necklace in a box of chocolates which you will bring with you at your appointment.

Make a pillow battle sometimes.

When you are alone at some party, speak softly in your lady’s ear the sweet words from her best-loved love song and make an attempt to sing it for her.

Next time you will prepare meal for your partner, leave him/her an account: drink – 3 kisses in my neck, sweet dessert – 5 kisses, entr?e – firm hug.

And NEVER say “I told you so. Why did not you notice me? “.