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2. The first and very significant characteristic is that attractive russian young ladies are very naughty ant charming. Approximately all Russian ladies pay a particular attention to their appearance, dressing, figure, tiny things. They visit a gym (about each day) to create their figure beautiful and attractive. Some of them prefer swimming or eastern dancing for making their body attractive. Russian ladies make all possible and impossible to look perfect (even follow a peculiar diet). They like shopping, visits to a hair-dresser, applying a lot of make-up and so on. They always are informed about new fashion shows and try don’t miss any of them. They like to be dressed fashionably and magnificently. Most of Slavonic girls wish of becoming ideal models when they are young. So, don’t be astonished when your Russian woman will dress a very spicy clothing and apply a lot of cosmetics when you go for a picnic with your friends or simply going to a shop.

3. The following feature is the level of intellect and education. In reality Russian young ladies are very brainy and educational. Almost all of them have high schooling; they like reading, visits to the town libraries, listen to the information on TV and so on. Russian women have usually gained a nice education in colleges and then they try to impove it much more. They study a huge number of books, novels, scientific works, etc. So Russian ladies make development in studying.

4. After that it comes the following feature which is named “work”. Almost every Russian woman is working from sunrise till sunset because she requires to support her total family and to make money for a living. Commonly wonderful Russian women are very family-willing, they like making meal, cleaning, taking care of their kids, clearing, performing all the works about the house. They are affectionate and sincere mums and faithful and loving wives.

5. A lot of western men wonder why do Russian ladies who are so cute and beautiful, make an effort to get married to foreign men. Frequently they think that these girls are searching for a better living or trying to go out of their unsuccessful town. But it’s not real because Russia is becoming a wealthy state and very rapidly it will be a successful one. The intention is that Russian women desire to form strong and nice family with faith and safety. A great amount of Russian women were trying to make such a marriage with local men but they were unsuccessful. And at present time they are searching for such kind of relations abroad as they hear a lot about good marriages with foreign men and possibly see the joy of their relatives who are wedded with foreign men. They believe that western men are reliable, polite and high-minded. Thus they make an effort to fascinate these powerful and good men!